You, the reader.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I like to just pour my emotions out for you to read but lately I find myself struggling whether or not to blog about some of my truly deep innermost thoughts and feelings. Most of these thoughts come from day to day experiences that I am not sure I want to share with you. If you go far back enough on this blog you might find some posts where I let it out. Back then you weren’t here to read it.

I’ve thought about opening an anonymous blog out there for these kind of things. Maybe I will.

I guess sometimes I don’t like to let you in or am afraid to. Or maybe it is because you are to quick to judge and to quick to just spout out advice I don’t want to hear.

Maybe I just want you to listen.


  1. juan

    I will really comment, but later I want too see what gets stirred up first………………………Don’t know if I should. I will wait. Yeah I will

  2. The Preacher

    You know I always known that about you brother and I guess thats why I dont press even when it comes to our family….you know we really never talked about it have we….I guess better not said….i have noticed about that on your posting. You used to rant on and it was intresting too. I dont even remembering commenting. it seems we post more to see what is commented rather then what was posted….I understand the day to day thing but come on. hey remove the ability to leave comments. or maybe you should start an anonymous blog. I even forgot why I started a blog.. it was to share a message..hmmm, well love you brother and post on. as us preachers say LET IT RIP.

  3. Sal


    i had this conversation with a fellow blogger earlier. About comments. Yes, i have the ability to turn off comments. And I have been known to turn them off when i felt no need for them. Its like this,and i believe it should be for all bloggers, if you don’t want comments or don’t want to hear people’s opinions then turn off comments.

    and you bring up a good point about posts and comments. just because people dont leave comments doesnt mean we arent reading. sometimes people write things that just leave me speechless and the best comment is no comment.

    i am still trying to come to grips with what it is i was trying to say with this blog post. but if i was to some up this blog post with one sentence it would be this one:
    “I guess sometimes I don’t like to let you in or am afraid to.”

  4. The Preacher

    thats good brother and you should be that way and dont change thats what always set you apart. I mean if you really look at it in the Christian life, when we talk to God it is for him to hear…. and his comments are far more better then what they say….. i felt that last sentence in your post and I respect that..even if they dont understand. I guess that comes from knowing you…hey just a thought remember when I would make you Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches and cut the edges off because you didnt like them….and yes i cut more in the white then i should’ve….my point is this I didnt have to ask you if you wanted them off, I just took it off… when and if I come back down i will make you a sandwhich.

  5. LUCY

    Fine, so I find myself commenting again and it happens to be to you once again. Do you remember when you told me that these people wouldn’t judge me? Well now it is my turn. To judge usually means to form a negative opinion. I found out recently that not one person was negative towards me after I revealed something so intimate and personal. Don’t get mad okay, but I think it would be a waste for you to be anonymous. You feel better once you share things especially with people who care for you. We are human and hurt each others feelings. Some more than others but I know that deep down you want to be heard. Oh, and the best comments are the ones that really touch you. I will quote a really good friend of mine,”Did you leave a comment,why not”?

  6. Jean Kincaid

    My heart is breaking here. Wow, Sal, your brother truly got to the heart of you in one swift paragraph. I like your post best of all BECAUSE you speak from the heart and I’m so sorry if I ever made you feel like you couldn’t share. I love you much more than chocolate and believe it or not, I understand what you’re saying. Lots of times I won’t answer the phone to some of my best friends, just because I don’t want to let them in on what I’m going through at the moment. And I might not be sure of what I’m going through. I go to your blog every day to see if you’ve written anything and if you haven’t I’m sad and I miss you.

    Lucy, you’re one in a million.

  7. Sal

    didnt proofread,let me try again.


    u hit the nail on the head with the telephone calls comment.

    when i found out about my father and when people saw me change at work i kept getting phone call after phone call from people who were concerned about me and didnt know what was going on. but i ignored all the calls. didnt want to talk about it or let them in.

    i was shutting out some of my bestest friends here at work and it came to the point where i started to feel bad about it. so i got a few of them in a room and told them everything. would have been easier if they read my blog.

  8. Jean Kincaid

    Sal, at the risk of running you back into the corner, I’d just like to say…will you update us from time to time on how your dad is doing? It helps us know how to pray and it helps us know how to respond to “you.” We don’t really know when to tease you, fuss at you, love on you or anything if we don’t know how you’re feeling, so in Eva’s words, “give us a shout out every now and then.”

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