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Hit the Road for BBQ

As I wrote in previous blog, I got a good deal on a rental car so this morning I went to pick it up. I had reserved a compact car but yet again I was upgraded to a much bigger car. This time I was was upgraded to a Chrysler 300.

Heisenberg 300

Took me forever to find the USB port to be able to use Android Auto! Once I got that going, I hit the Road. The missus had other plans so I went solo. Just me and an audiobook.

I let some friends from Austin, TX know I was going to be in Lockhart, TX and they were able to lunch with me. That was a great treat. I hadn’t seen Tony and Stephanie in six years! We text often though. Great food and friends. I should’ve took a Pic of us. Instead, here’s a Pic of our food.

After lunch I made the 4 hour drive back home. Yup, 8 hour road trip for lunch. Not my first, nor my last.

14 Scoops

Someone once said that if aliens are looking down at us they are probably thinking that Dogs are the masters and we are the servants. We feed them, we bathe them, and we Scoop Thier Poop!

When I lived in Austin I used to take my bike down by the lake and cruise it and that is when I took this picture. A little ways down the line is a statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn.

I really miss Austin. Only God knows if I will ever go back there to live. I always said I wanted to make my life up there but life is passing me by already!