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Back To Twitter

Well, for over a year we were on Jaiku but now it seems that Google is abandoning Jaiku, or taking it in another direction, so we are going back to Twitter. 

It is pretty much the same, if you remember, but without the Threading of Conversations, so unless Twitter implements that awesome feature, the Thread Nazi is dead! They did however removoe the feature that enabled us to Twitter from Google Talk! There are other programs you can install HERE. I haven’t found one I liked. I used to use Snitter but it doesn’t work the same anymore it seems. Kinda buggy.
While we were away from Twitter it has gotten hugely popular. Even our own Local Channel Four news is on Twitter. HERE
Hope to see everyone there! 

Time To See Doctor Again….. I guess

The last time I saw a doctor about my “stomach hurts” he said, sorry I can’t figure out whats wrong with you.

I think lately it has been getting worse. Or is it nerves?

People, and doctors, have told me it is what I eat that messes me up, but even if I don’t have dinner the night before, the next morning my stomach hurts the same.

That is exactly how I feel this morning.


Sometimes I want to give up on eating lunch because I get so sleepy afterwards that I just want to pass out right then and there. Driving back to work after a meal that makes me sleepy is so hard! I just want to come home, or be dropped off at home so I can snooze it up!

Right now I sort of feel the same way because  I had a pretty good steak at Texas Roadhouse. So after I press Publish Post I might just get under the covers.
Good Night!

Bloggers Block

Man, bloggers block on day thirteen already?? Today was sure a nonblogworthy day for me!!

The only highlight of my day was actually waking up. Why is that a highlight you say? Well, because I could have woke up dead! I am not afraid of dying anymore, because I know where I am going, but sometimes you just don’t want to die yet! 
Thank God for another day!

The Ladies Plate

My favorite plate at a local Mexican / BBQ place is called the Ladies Plate. It comes with Fajita Nachos and Carne Guisada. It is really good. Whenever I order this plate, I always make the same joke to the waiter/ waitress. Do I have to be a lady to order the ladies plate? They always say no but I am sure they are sick of it! Kind of like of the joke I always hear in the elevator at work. Third Floor please! You see, the joke is, we only have two floors! badum pish!

I remember when I used to work at K-Mart as a cashier and whenever an item wouldn’t scan I would always hear, I guess it’s free!

And when it’s raining, Raining enough for ya?!

And when it’s windy, Windy enough for ya?!

And when it’s cold, Cold enough for ya?!

The Barrel

Sorry Preacher, but the only good thing at Cracker Barrel thusfar is the Mellow Yellow and Biscuits. As of today, I have been there twice and have not really liked the meals. Maybe I should not have had the pancakes, but I had heard good things but was dissappointed. Dennys and McDonalds are way better!

Wallbangers would have been so much better and we almost ended up there because it was taking forever to get seated!


Came home yesterday to no Internet! Oops.

“Borrowing” the neighbors wifi though. shhhh
Pretty uneventful day today but at least I did not have to go to work. Almost did though!
I was, however, watching a movie with Nicolas Cage earlier, Bangkok Dangerous, and I found myself asking myself “why do they give this guy weird hairdoes in these movies!The last time I seen this guy with normal hair is in Family Man. It made me think of the following Photochopped picture I saw once:

On The Road Again

Got the Corvette out of the shop today. She has been in there for well over a month. She had water in the motor 🙁

She would have been out of there sooner had I not lost an envelop with 600 dollars in it that was supposed to be used for buying the parts and paying for the labor. Hopefully, whomever found it used it for something good since it was around Christmas time when I lost it.
Shortly after I picked her up, Rob called to ask me how she was running and I said the same, but after driving her all the way back home I changed my mind. I am not sure if it is because I have not driven her in awhile or if there is something wrong with her, but she runs different and I think I hear an exhaust leak at accleration. Either that, or she’s misfiring a little. Will have to seek a second opinion.
Either way, I am glad to have her back home.