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On The Road Again

Got the Corvette out of the shop today. She has been in there for well over a month. She had water in the motor 🙁

She would have been out of there sooner had I not lost an envelop with 600 dollars in it that was supposed to be used for buying the parts and paying for the labor. Hopefully, whomever found it used it for something good since it was around Christmas time when I lost it.
Shortly after I picked her up, Rob called to ask me how she was running and I said the same, but after driving her all the way back home I changed my mind. I am not sure if it is because I have not driven her in awhile or if there is something wrong with her, but she runs different and I think I hear an exhaust leak at accleration. Either that, or she’s misfiring a little. Will have to seek a second opinion.
Either way, I am glad to have her back home.


This evening at church the ambulance had to be called for one of the teens who was having trouble breathing. The whole church was outside waiting on the ambulance and I stood off to the side just watching and thinking. I started to feel bad for the parents of the teen. They don’t come to church with him, yet, so we had to call them to tell them what was going on. 

I was hoping they would get there before the ambulance did because the scene of the ambulance and thier son in a stretcher would probably be a shock to thier system. It didn’t happen the way I wanted it to. The ambulance got there first and sure enough, as soon as his family got there the mother, I believe, was ready to jump out of the truck before it even parked. It made me sad and it made me think of my mom when I was in a pretty bad accident. 
I remember seeing the truck coming out of the intersection, hitting the brakes, and then all of a sudden I couldn’t get out of the car. The driver door was jammed. So I decided to go out the passenger side. As I went over the center console, I had to tilt my head forward, because there isn’t much space in a Corvette to jump over like that, and the blood started to flow from the gash in my forehead. As soon as I got out, some lady in scrubs told me to sit down and lay back. 
Almost in a flash, it seems, my mother was on the scene bawling, crying, and screaming. I can only imagine the scene she must’ve seen; an ambulance, a firetruck, my Corvette in ruins, and me on the floor covered in blood. 
That must’ve been a total shock.
This HERE is the 84 Corvette: before and after. 

The Jerk Store Called…

They need more YOU!!


23. One Car Garage

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She sure is lonely in there but she has plenty of room to stretch. Sometimes she sleeps on one side of the bed and at other times, like tonight, she sleeps in the middle so she has her room to stretch. Sadly she has been sleeping with her eyes wide open.

For now the bike on the wall keeps her company.


Maybe you seen these pics already on Jaiku but I thought they were blog worthy. The Vette needed more work today and after a long walk to the parts store things started to fall into place. Rob was able to pick me up at the parts store and save me a walk back. I thought the Vette needed a new battery terminal since the one that was in there was spinning and spinning.

Turns out it was the starter. We took it out and had it rebuilt. While that was being done I hung out with Rob and his baby. Rob dug holes and I fed the baby. I also helped holding some boards but mostly baby sat. 🙂

Once the starter was rebuilt the Vette came back to life! I also fixed a ground wire for the amp powering the speakers that had come undone underneath the car.

I started doing laundry and cleaned up the work bench which is the last pic.

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On The Seventh Day It Was Good

Well, we took a stab at trying to fix my noisy flywheel again and after a lot of praying and after lots of oil we got it going. 🙂

Juan didn’t want the Vette to defeat him so he came by after work to have another look. We were thinking the worst. A bent or cracked flywheel. We were also thinking that maybe the new bolt he put in there was sticking out to much and hitting the cover that goes below the flywheel. So we took it off, which also requires unbolting the starter.

The only clean part of the cover you see in the photo is where A bolt was hitting it. He put the starter back on and after starting and test driving the car the noise was gone so, Juan took a hammer to the thing and straightened out.

When it went back into the car the clatter was gone. whoo hooo!!! Thank God!

Oh, and no I didn’t clean this thing before putting it back on. I’m sure most would.

Day Six and Out of Gas Already

No, not out of Blogging gas. Out of gasolina!! Well, I had never gotten a flat on the road and I had never run out of gas before and within Six days I have done both!

After work, Juan was working on my flywheel problems and we thought WE got it fixed. That was not so because as I went to pick him up to get him some Pancakes for working and bleeding so hard I heard that dreaded sound return. I did not even make it to his house though. Within two blocks the Vette died! I ran out of gas!

I have run the Vette way below Reserve but maybe having her jacked up like that threw the gauges off.

After we put gas in it, and after Juan heard the sounds of the flywheel, he lost his appetite. :-(. But hey! At least now I am not that scurred to drive it to the shop.

And since it is dark out I am not sure if there is a black cloud over me.

Day Four A Bolt

A bolt very similar to this is causing much trouble for the Corvette. The bolt in the photo is actually the replacement for the one that some how unscrewed it self from the flywheel. The original bolt probably stayed behind in Juans truck.

Hopefully tomorrow this bolt will be holding the flywheel in place. 🙁

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Two for One on Day Two

Day two of my photo a day for October and it is a doozy already. The rear passenger tire on the vette has been losing air on cold days but before I left the house this morning I checked it and it looked good. Not good enough ‘spose because as I am taking an exit for work she is shake, rattlin’ and rollin’. She has been doing that for awhile on so I thought no big deal but it never stopped shaking. So I pulled into Exon and the tire wouldn’t hold any air. I don’t have a spare so I left the vette at the Home Depot parking lot. Rob later took care of it for me. He even donated a tire, temporary!! God is good! Thanks Rob!

This second photo is of Juan’s truck with my moms new, used refrigerator in the rear. My mom called early this morning that her fridge had stopped cooling. She asked if she could have my little fridge which I have at home in my garage. I told her yes but when I had a moment I emailed Juan if he had one there at his work. He said he would get back to me.

I started to then have a really crappy day and at around 4:30 I had enough and went back to my office to rest and to calm down. That is when I found the email from Juan that he had a fridge for my mom and that he asked his boss how much for it but his boss let him have it for free since my mom doesn’t have much dinero. Praise God! My eyes got all watery. So glad I went back to my office. After work, I picked up the vette from Home Depot and headed to Juan’s work to take the fridge to my mom. My mom was expecting my little fridge and she was very surprised to get this thing. 🙂

God is good.

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