October 25, 2008

Power Washing the Deck

This is the third time I do this.When I got the house I power washed it but never put any water sealant on the deck so it got very ugly again.A few months ago I started to power washing it again but half way through the electric power washer went out. This time around I…

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October 20, 2008


http://www.blogger.com/img/videoplayer.swf?videoUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fv10.nonxt8.googlevideo.com%2Fvideoplayback%3Fid%3D94b21293152e1a14%26itag%3D5%26begin%3D0%26len%3D86400000%26app%3Dblogger%26et%3Dplay%26el%3DEMBEDDED%26ip%3D0.0.0.0%26ipbits%3D0%26expire%3D1269893145%26sparams%3Did%252Citag%252Cip%252Cipbits%252Cexpire%26signature%3D14C7AB39B784E491A802CDFD0F51DF013C01A8B0.44500BCA98312233F4E8BB40EF6084C17370011A%26key%3Dck1&nogvlm=1&thumbnailUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fvideo.google.com%2FThumbnailServer2%3Fapp%3Dblogger%26contentid%3D94b21293152e1a14%26offsetms%3D5000%26itag%3Dw320%26sigh%3D_AoZjf7_MXy6GU89VjblK-xKvPs&messagesUrl=video.google.com%2FFlashUiStrings.xlb%3Fframe%3Dflashstrings%26hl%3DenAbove my garage there is plenty of space to create a another room. Maybe a game room? Office? A baby room?? Yeh right.I had lunch with my friend George and he was estimating it might cost around fifteen hundred dollars to do this. That is not counting labor! He also did not have the measurements…

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December 7, 2006


When I was unpacking and cleaning boxes that were still in my garage I found these cool Swiss Army Knives. One for my Colorado and one for the Corvette. I was sitting and eating a little while ago and took this pic. The one with the Las Vegas key chain (thanks Rob) is for the…

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