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Do What?

Luke came down to work on a roof and to preach at our church this week and since tonight is his last night here before heading back to North Carolina we took him out to Wallbangers and for a little Rip Stiking.

He had never heard of a Rip Stik so when we asked him to try it his response was more or less….Do What?

As you can see in the photos, I had to hold him up like a 6 year old girl trying to ride a bike for the first time.

It looked like he had fun and I know I sure did.

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Mellowing Out on Day Seventeen

I love me some Mellow Yellow.

To bad they don’t sell it down here. I remember when I was a wittle kid they used to though. I fell in love with the drink in Dade City, Florida I believe.

Some time last year I got a case from the Laiklams and the Kincaids and what a flashback of flavor that was!

Not to long ago, up in Mission, TX they opened up a Cracker Barrel and wouldn’t you know it, they sell Mellow Yellow!! Or Yellow Mellow as the green waitress said. I have only made it out there one time though BUT tonite on the way to Wallbangers we cruised up there to go to the Candy Apple store and I asked Juan if we could stop by the Barrel to get a Mellow Yellow. To my surprise he did! The picture shows what I paid!! I didn’t get a picture of the SMALL glass. It was worth it though. Flashbacks are priceless!

This other black thing is actually a USB Battery Pack for things like cameras, phones, PSPs, MP3 players and such. Picked it up at Circuit City with a gift card! It’s small and very light weight and made by APC, the World renowned maker of battery backup units for all kinds of equipment. Should work good is what I am trying to say.

That is all.

Good Times

Had me some good times tonight. Drove over to Edinburgh for a revival meeting at Harvest Baptist Church and then fellowshipped at Wallbangers. Ain’t nothing like Wallbangers and good fellowship. It was great sitting and eating with three preachers and their families.

I just pray and ask for your prayers for me. So that I can read my bible and be a testimony to others because as many have told me people are watching me and listening to me.

Hopefully, I can make it out there tomorrow night but gas is a killer!

and one more thing. Happy Birthday to Rob. I hope it was a good one.