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Back To Twitter

Well, for over a year we were on Jaiku but now it seems that Google is abandoning Jaiku, or taking it in another direction, so we are going back to Twitter. 

It is pretty much the same, if you remember, but without the Threading of Conversations, so unless Twitter implements that awesome feature, the Thread Nazi is dead! They did however removoe the feature that enabled us to Twitter from Google Talk! There are other programs you can install HERE. I haven’t found one I liked. I used to use Snitter but it doesn’t work the same anymore it seems. Kinda buggy.
While we were away from Twitter it has gotten hugely popular. Even our own Local Channel Four news is on Twitter. HERE
Hope to see everyone there! 

Jott it down

I try not to blog about geeky stuff anymore but thought I would mention www.Jott.com.

Once you sign up with this site, they give you a toll free number (1-866-JOTT-123) that you can call so that you can Jott things. I mainly use this when I am driving. I will remember that I have to do something so I call Jott, it will ask me who I want to Jott, I say “myself” and I say what I have to say. By the time I get to my email it is in my Inbox typed up for me. That’s right, it transcribes it for you. If you talk really low then you can just hear yourself. You can also Jott other people if they are in your contacts.

Just today they added the ability to Jott Twitter. This is cool because if someone is driving and can’t text and drive they can just call Jott, say Twitter, and then say what their doing and in a few minutes it will show up in your Twitter page. You can also Jott Blogger!

You can also set Reminders by saying the date of when you want to get reminded.

Anyway, to read more check the wiki HERE.