Jott it down

I try not to blog about geeky stuff anymore but thought I would mention

Once you sign up with this site, they give you a toll free number (1-866-JOTT-123) that you can call so that you can Jott things. I mainly use this when I am driving. I will remember that I have to do something so I call Jott, it will ask me who I want to Jott, I say “myself” and I say what I have to say. By the time I get to my email it is in my Inbox typed up for me. That’s right, it transcribes it for you. If you talk really low then you can just hear yourself. You can also Jott other people if they are in your contacts.

Just today they added the ability to Jott Twitter. This is cool because if someone is driving and can’t text and drive they can just call Jott, say Twitter, and then say what their doing and in a few minutes it will show up in your Twitter page. You can also Jott Blogger!

You can also set Reminders by saying the date of when you want to get reminded.

Anyway, to read more check the wiki HERE.


  1. Jean Kincaid

    You tell her, Sal. Laura, shame on you. I thought your mom didn’t allow slang and you especially would not have called someone stupid so what’s up with that? Now get on over to the posting area and say “sorry,” to Sal. I want my Laura back. Where did she go?

    And Sal, I didn’t understand half of what you posted. Sorry, but I still can’t figure out how I am following you on Twitter if I can’t even comment to you.

  2. Rhonda Gibson

    Laughing, this sounds just a might techno for me. Here’s a question… what happens if it doesn’t understand what you said and types something rude/crude that you didn’t say to one of your contacts? Sounds risky to me. I’m just the person that would happen to. LOL

  3. Sal

    it also sends them your voice just incase the transcription doesnt make sense. But I use this more as a Note To Self thing. I never use it to send someone messages. For that I like to use Pinger sometimes. Pinger sends them your voice or a local phone number as a text to hear the voicemail you sent. It beats having to go through menu options to hear a voice mail.

    I wrote about Pinger awhile back HERE

  4. Laura

    I wasn’t calling Sal stupid in the first place. I was calling twitter stupid. And, stupid is not a bad word to us. But, sorry if i hurt your feelings! Really, sorry sal.

  5. Sal

    no worries. just rememeber that over the internet it is harder to convey feelings. A smiley face here and there when you trying to be sarcastic or something, it helps the reader know how you saying things.

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