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Meeting in Alamo, TX

Revive us again!!

Brother Robert Setzer preached a revival meeting at my church this passed week but he is also preaching at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Alamo this week so Juan and I went over last night to get a little Jesus. A little Jesus? Man, we got a whole bunch of Jesus. Well, I did anyway.

I was supposed to meet up with Juan over at his house but I had a little mobile phone malfunction that had me running late. Juan ended up picking me up instead. I was outside the house eating a bolis while I waited. As he pulled into the street I noticed he didn’t have his Fog Lights on. I turned around to get my stuff and as I turned around again, he had them on. That was weird, and funny.

As we drive over to Alamo, following the speed limit of course, we talk, and have some laughs. So by the time we get to Alamo we are in good spirits. As we walk in to the church, Juan says, “Maybe they shaking hands right now”, because we are running a tad bit late. Sure enough, as we walk in everyone is on their feet greeting everyone. As we walk in, I say “we were here the whole time”. 🙂

We took a seat next to Brother Bob Hawk. His son in law was my first preacher after I was saved. Brother Arnold Woodard was preaching interim before our current preacher, Mark Laiklam.

I have said this before, and I will say it again. God keeps the best singers and musicians to himself. I say that because there was some serious singing and piano playing that night. From our very own Preacher’s Wife to some teenage girls. All of which were singing to the Lord and bringing down GLORY! It was awesome!

By the time Brother Setzer took the pulpit we were all ears and ready for the Word. Well, I was anyway. He preached out of Galations 5 and touched on many subjects such as getting off track in our Christian walk and about not judging others.

After the services, Brother Dale Kincaid, preacher and friend from Cornerstone, showed us around the church and told us about the plans he has for the church and showed us how God is blessing.

Lots of people were fellowshipping in the church but I joined Juan, Dale, Bob Hawk, Robert Setzer, my preacher Mark, and his son Luke outside the church. We were out there talking and laughing and talking about things of God. Bob Hawk told us a sad story about a Christian man who died and whose family told Bob NOT to preach at his funeral but to say only a few nice things. Robert Setzer went on to say “What a sad day when someone will ask a preacher not to preach.” Bob Hawk preached anyway! Amen!

While we were talking this drunk man came up to us with his hands in the air. When I first saw him I thought he wanted money. He wanted something more. He wanted JESUS!

Brother Bob Hawk is a missionary into Mexico so he can speak better Spanish than most Mexicans I know so he talked to the man. Prayed with the man. Got on his knees with man. The drunk man named Domingo sobered up real quick and professed to have taken Jesus into his heart. He told us that he had been wanting to come inside the church. That these past couple days he had been getting close to the door but never made it inside. I’m so glad we don’t have to go inside a church to get Saved! Jesus came to my house and saved me. Jesus saved this man outside the church last night.

I am praying he shows up tonight.

After all this, the people started pouring out of the church as if God was keeping them in there while He saved this man.

Shortly thereafter, we all went to a new What-a-burger in Weslaco and filled the place up with Christians. We had a good time! A great time.

Good Times

Had me some good times tonight. Drove over to Edinburgh for a revival meeting at Harvest Baptist Church and then fellowshipped at Wallbangers. Ain’t nothing like Wallbangers and good fellowship. It was great sitting and eating with three preachers and their families.

I just pray and ask for your prayers for me. So that I can read my bible and be a testimony to others because as many have told me people are watching me and listening to me.

Hopefully, I can make it out there tomorrow night but gas is a killer!

and one more thing. Happy Birthday to Rob. I hope it was a good one.


I’ve been accused of noticing to many things or being to observant. Sometimes this is good because I score some brownie points, but it’s also bad because I see and hear things I shouldn’t.

When I need to concentrate on something, like reading, learning, or PREACHING, I get easily distracted and I hate it. If I hear a noise or see something move out the corner of my eye I lose focus and I hate it.

At church, I sit pretty close to the preacher but there are still people in front of me to the left, the right, and the middle and many times I catch myself wondering what they doing, what they fiddling around with, what they whispering and things of that nature.

The same thing happened to me at revival tonight. I was hearing whispering from behind me, movement from the far left, and fussing around from the front.

I was getting mad at myself and I just wanted to go up and sit on the very front row!

Aside from that, it was great peaching.

The Tug

Oh man, the tug.

Man it’s an awesome feeling when you start feeling God tugging at your heart. Preaching at Central Baptist Church during the revival meeting tonight was awesome. The tug brought the lump in my throat, the tears in my eyes, took me to the front and put me on my knees. When I got back to the pew I could barely stand. Had to sit for a few seconds. It’s awesome when God gets personal.

Brother Phil Dunn preached a message that I wished all my lost loved ones and saved loved ones would have heard. He preached on burying your past at the church.

Pretty much speechless about the whole thing.

Looking forward to Brother Tim Rupert preaching at our church tomorrow night (Grace Baptist Church). He preached Revival last year at our church last year and it was great.

Will be praying.

The Colder The Lazier

Since Friday after work I have been spending most of my time under the sheets keeping warm. So much time that I didn’t wake up before midnight to make my blog for the day yesterday. I woke up in the middle of the night reaching for my phone to see what time it was and when I saw I was way over due I just went back into hibernation.

So now that I have fallen behind does that mean I can’t Nazi everyone else?? Of course not!

Anyhow, the sun is out now but its still cold in the shade.

Just got out of church. Had some great North Carolinian singing and a wonderful message.

Let’s see what the Lord has in store for the rest of my day.