Archives · January 25, 2008 1


I’ve been accused of noticing to many things or being to observant. Sometimes this is good because I score some brownie points, but it’s also bad because I see and hear things I shouldn’t.

When I need to concentrate on something, like reading, learning, or PREACHING, I get easily distracted and I hate it. If I hear a noise or see something move out the corner of my eye I lose focus and I hate it.

At church, I sit pretty close to the preacher but there are still people in front of me to the left, the right, and the middle and many times I catch myself wondering what they doing, what they fiddling around with, what they whispering and things of that nature.

The same thing happened to me at revival tonight. I was hearing whispering from behind me, movement from the far left, and fussing around from the front.

I was getting mad at myself and I just wanted to go up and sit on the very front row!

Aside from that, it was great peaching.