I Got Nothing….

I got nothing to blog about tonight.

Nothing witty, nothing funny, nothing cute, sweet, or anything of nothing first create.

Sometimes I will just think of a few words for a subject and just let it rip or I’ll get a subject from someone and go with it but this night I got nothing.

I wanted to call in and just ramble on for your listening pleasure but I did not have the words.

I wanted to go through my photos but that PC is still dead.

I wanted to invite a guest blogger but there is no time.

I wanted to write my innermost thoughts but the wheel is broken.

I wanted to inspire you but I must first inspire myself.

So, I want you to inspire me!


  1. The Preacher

    What a day that will be,
    When our Jesus we shall see,
    No more sorrow, no more pain,no more seperation, no more sin,
    i love you bro. and i miss you and mom and dad,
    but being here, will be worth it all if i do my part to win some for Jesus,

  2. Preachers wife

    You got nothing? Your saved arent you? Thats enough to keep me talking all night.How God in his mercy and love came to this old sin cursed world and died on the old rugged cross so that I could be saved thats good enough for me.

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