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Hit the Road for BBQ

As I wrote in previous blog, I got a good deal on a rental car so this morning I went to pick it up. I had reserved a compact car but yet again I was upgraded to a much bigger car. This time I was was upgraded to a Chrysler 300.

Heisenberg 300

Took me forever to find the USB port to be able to use Android Auto! Once I got that going, I hit the Road. The missus had other plans so I went solo. Just me and an audiobook.

I let some friends from Austin, TX know I was going to be in Lockhart, TX and they were able to lunch with me. That was a great treat. I hadn’t seen Tony and Stephanie in six years! We text often though. Great food and friends. I should’ve took a Pic of us. Instead, here’s a Pic of our food.

After lunch I made the 4 hour drive back home. Yup, 8 hour road trip for lunch. Not my first, nor my last.

Simple Job Turns Complicated

Live Blogging from the garage.

I have been having trouble with Corvette not starting on the first ignition so Rob was kind enough to take out the starter for me. Sounds easy enough, but that wasn’t the case.

Rob wanted to see if the starter would fire up not bolted down so the battery stayed connected. A few moments after he said he hopes the power doesn’t make contact with anything, it made contact with a transmission line and punctured a hole.

Here are some pics. More to follow.

One more pic of Robs’ bloody hand, I mean transmission fluid drenched hand.

Rob stopped the leak, after a few attempts and the car is starting fine.

Thanks Rob! Such a great friend.

If I Could Say One Lie Tonight….

If I could say one lie tonight it would be about the incident upstairs.

It wasn’t me! It was like that when I came home!

I always wondered what was underneath that red carpet in the restroom. Tonight I found out.

And you know what it cost me? My futon. So whenever Rob finishes his room at his house he is taking it with him. You know what plumbers charge this time of night? Thanks Rob. Don’t know where I’d be without your help all the time.

Having friends is so important. But its the quality of the friend not the quantity of friends. I may not have many friends but I can sure count on the ones I do have. I only wish they could say the same about me. I’ll fix that printer Juan!! I’ll give you a ride next time your car leaves you stranded in the rain Rob!!

Tonight, I am going to get me a new friend. A mop.

Friends And Family

Slowly but surely I have been coercing my friends and family to start blogging. To the right you will see links to their sites in order of creation. Hopefully, I can get more of my friends blogging and maybe they can get their wives and children blogging.

The Shit I Won’t Forget:
This is my friend Rob’s blog. Mostly blogs about cars and projects he works on.

Mensage Abierto:
My friend and co-worker Javier’s blog. Mensage Abierto is Spanish for Open Message. Usually blogs about his life with Christ.

In The Lords Army:
My friend from from church Juan’s blog. Also happens to be my brothers best friend. Just started blogging so we will see what it becomes.

The Preacher:
My brother the father! Well, not a father but he is my brother; a baptist pastor. His new blog. He preaches in Louisiana and its great to be able to read his past messages.

There you have it. Hopefully, they blog more then I do and maybe someone will find this site and then in turn find their blog and get something out of it.