Box of Meat!

Everyone loves getting stuff in the mail and as a big meat eater getting meat directly to my doorstep is super awesome.

Butcher Box

Butcher Box is meat subscription service where a box of frozen meat arrives at your door. We decided to try it because we think it would help us save money and cook more for ourselves. Time will tell.

If you want to try it, use this link so both of us get free stuff.

Check out the video of unboxing.

GromNom – Uncle Chops Smokehouse Burgers

I’ve noticed that lots of businesses in Weslaco, TX support one another by sharing each other’s Facebook pages. Pete’s Mesquite Grill shared the page of a new Food Truck named Uncle Chops Smokehouse Burgers. Pictures looked very good so I headed that way for lunch on the Grom.

I ordered a burger called To The Point.

To The Point Burger

It was delicious. I didn’t read that it came with a srichachi sauce so I didn’t tell them to hold it. I’m glad I didn’t because it was great.

So if you find yourself in Weslaco. Try it out!

Harder Than I Thought

I can not believe how hard it has been to blog every day. So far, I have missed three days. Yesterday after work, I was really hungry so I asked the missus if we could go eat before church instead of after. We did so and then went to church.

After church, we hung out a bit outside talking to friends and then we went to Wal-Mart and Target so that I could find some new headphones.

That took some time. We probably got back home at 10pm. We watched a few shows and before you know it, it was passed midnight!

So yeah, this is hard!

Investing in a Book

Some may know that I do not like watching movie trailers. I feel they give away too much. Similarly, I do not like to read what a book is about. I browse books by their rankings, previous books by the same author, by category, and yes, even by their cover.

Many years ago, this method backfired on me and I ended up reading a book I would have never have read. What’s funny is that I had previously recommended the book to a friend who likes that kind of book. The book was The Passage and I only knew that it was about vampires. I passed it up and forgot all about it until several months later when the book crossed my path again. I had totally forgotten about it and it’s main subject. I only knew that it was topping the charts so I started reading it.

I remember it took several chapters before I realized it was a vampire book, but by then, it was too late. I was already too invested.

So invested, that I was super annoyed that it took years for parts two and three to come out! Grr.

I recently recounted this story to the missus because Fox has now made it into a TV series. I watched the first episode and it was…. Different. Didn’t hate it so I’ll see how much I invest into it.

Down and Out

Woke up this morning feeling very out of it. Very weak and zombie-like. I laid out most of the day. I did head out to the store to get some new shoes but regretted it as soon as I hit the road.

When I got back home I had to lay down and stayed there until the missus came back from church.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

It’s 3am I must’ve Missed one!

In the wee hours of the night I awoke to go to the restroom and while I did my business it dawned on me that I did not blog for Friday the 11th! I couldn’t believe it.

Friday was a busy day. Friday afternoon my coworker and I drove to the Space X launch site at Boca Chica Beach, Brownsville, TX. It’s an hour drive there and another hour drive back. We headed out there to fly the company drone over the rocket Space X is assembling.

Space X and our company Drone

As soon as I got back to the office at 5:45pm, I booked it home to head out to dinner plans. Drove 45 minutes to our dinner spot but only to wait another 20 minutes for our friends since they went off to the wrong location!

After said and done, we got home at 11ish, watched and old episode of Big Brother and crashed out.

I don’t plan to miss any more days this month!

Not Just A Plastic Card Holder

Following up on yesterday’s post about my new Trayvax wallet, I wanted to try the hook for carrying plastic bags. When I looked up this wallet, I read the intention of the hook was for grocery bags. I also read a lot of ridicule over it. But you know? Don’t knock it until you try it. And try it, I did.

Hooked Two Bags

Sounds like a gimmick feature and this picture does not do it justice. As I walked to the car, I let my arm fall to my side and it was more natural. It was also more comfortable. Anyone whose finger has ever lost blood circulation because of the weight of the grocery bag will immediately feel and realize the benefit.

I’m a fan of the bag hook.

Interesting New Wallet

A friend gifted me this Trayvax wallet.

It’s supposed to be minimalist but it’s a tad bigger then the Elephant Wallet I had before.

Previous Wallet when New

I am trying out the new wallet and so far so good. For several years now I have been carrying my wallet in my front pocket and it doesn’t feel that much bulkier.

One thing is for sure, I won’t be carrying my Pixel 3 in the same pocket. That’s a metal hook in the first picture. It would really scratch up the phone. Currently it’s only rubbing up against my Olight.

My friend also gave me another smaller Trayvax wallet. I believe it’s called the Axis. It’s smaller than this one so I’m thinking I’ll switch to that one in a few days to try it out. I think the smaller one will end up being my church wallet.

Any idea what the hook is for? Let me know what you think.


Every where you look, the start of the new year is full of resolutions. I, myself, have several. Funny enough, none of my resolutions have to do with health! Mine are based on the hobbies and projects I have taken on over the years.

The most recent being converting motorcycles to Cafe Racers. I have two motorcycles that I started to work on. It has been about 2 months since I have picked up a wrench to work on them so I resolute to start working on them again. I am recording the process and have uploaded videos onto YouTube to document. So please Like and Subscribe! Here is my channel:

Before I was working on motorcycles, I was building furniture. I also resolute to start that up again!

Lastly, I resolute to start up my Gun Holster business. I am still in the red financially with that investment. I became really discouraged when I started seeing all the competition for gun holsters so I hope to get motivated by them instead discouraged.

What about you?