Blog · January 11, 2021 1

Book Books

Here is my problem with real books:

I hate  knowing that the book is about to end. With audiobooks, as long as I don’t look at time remaining, I’ll never know how much time is left. I’m very good at not looking. I’ve never been burned! On the Kindle, you can now turn off the progress bar at the bottom of the book. I used to block it with a business card!

Last night I finished reading the book I am holding in that photo. It is another Peter Heller book (I was gifted both of them). The book is Dog Stars . It was a fantastic book. I wouldn’t say it’s better or worse than The River. They are both great and I don’t know which I prefer. As always, I don’t like posting reviews because it will contain spoilers. I will say this. It was written pre-covid19 but it could very well be written post covid19 if this thing went out of control. It’s scary. Especially the things you’d have to do. More than that, this book told a really good story from an interesting point of view. It was relatable.

I was sad when I finished the book. Sad because it was so good and I wanted to learn more about the characters. I finished it right before bed and as I fell asleep I was happy that I started reading/listening to books. It was that kind of book to me.

Read it: