Blog / Entertainment · January 15, 2019 0

Investing in a Book

Some may know that I do not like watching movie trailers. I feel they give away too much. Similarly, I do not like to read what a book is about. I browse books by their rankings, previous books by the same author, by category, and yes, even by their cover.

Many years ago, this method backfired on me and I ended up reading a book I would have never have read. What’s funny is that I had previously recommended the book to a friend who likes that kind of book. The book was The Passage and I only knew that it was about vampires. I passed it up and forgot all about it until several months later when the book crossed my path again. I had totally forgotten about it and it’s main subject. I only knew that it was topping the charts so I started reading it.

I remember it took several chapters before I realized it was a vampire book, but by then, it was too late. I was already too invested.

So invested, that I was super annoyed that it took years for parts two and three to come out! Grr.

I recently recounted this story to the missus because Fox has now made it into a TV series. I watched the first episode and it was…. Different. Didn’t hate it so I’ll see how much I invest into it.