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GrandCentral Acquired by Google

The rumors were true. When I got home today and refreshed the GrandCentral Inbox the logo changed to a new From Google logo.

So that can only mean that Google bought Grandcentral. This is great. As I blogged before, I have been using GC for a good month now and I really like it. I can only assume that they are going to incorporate GC calls into Gtalk. As of now, GC works with the Gizmo Project to take calls on a PC, but if you ask me, it does not work that great and it is not very reliable. And if they do use Gtalk instead of Gizmo it is one more program I can uninstall and one more username and password I can do without.

Also, with this new acquisition they switched enrollment to invitation only. Read more at GC’s Blog HERE and from Google’s Blog HERE.

Google; one step closer to ruling the world.

GrandCentral: One Number To Rule Them All

So I’ve been using Grand Central for a few weeks now and I really like it. If it is available in your area, you sign up, get a local number and then you can tell Grand Central which phone numbers to ring when someone calls that number. Their slogan is “One Number For Life”. They are trying to say that you can always keep your Grand Central number and change mobile phone, work phone, and home phone as much as you like but they will always ring when someone calls your Grand Central number, so long as you have told Grand Central your new number. You can even have Grand Central ring on your PC using a program called Gizmo Project. Gizmo Project is supposed to be a Skype killer.

Slowly but surely my friends have been using my Grand Central number to reach me. It is good for me because if I am at work I have the option to answer it on my work phone or mobile phone. I can even transfer the call without the caller even knowing I switched from mobile to work. And if I don’t answer, voicemails get sent to email or I get a text message telling me I have a voicemail. Also, my brother and I used PhoneSpell to try and find a word or two to make remembering my new number easier.

Another cool feature is the WebCall button. Put this button on your page, or where ever, and people can call you without giving out your number. Anyway below is my WebCall button. Try it out. It will ask for your number so that it can connect us. You can check where it says to keep your phone number private if you dont want me to have your number.

And now the WebCall button. Click on CALL.

A good guide to Grand Central is at Techcrunch. HERE.