14 Years Washing and Drying

When I was approved for my home loan around 14 years ago I was surprised that I was going to be able to move in without putting down any money. Little did I know, I was going to end up spending a good chunk of change on appliances.

The house was only going to have a stove and dishwasher. People told me having that supplied was surprising! So, off to Sears I went for a Fridge. It is still going strong. Except for the ice maker, but that’s not the refrigerators fault. It’s plumbing thing.

Next on the list was a washer and dryer. I guess I could’ve gone down to the laundry mat, but I didn’t even consider it then. I can’t even think of the nearest one. So off to Conn’s I went. They have both been working very well until recently. The washer was dripping sometimes and the dryer wouldn’t turn off when opening the door. No big deal. Dealt with it for several months. Then, finally, after 14 years, the dryer stopped drying!

No worries, I have a home warranty remember? Called them up and they found my issues.

A broken heater core, broken door switch, and a bad water valve in the washer. Took one business day for parts to arrive and they came by today and fixed me up.

Hope to get 14 more years out of it! Sign up for your home warranty with this link and we’ll both make some money.


Laughing is so strange if you stop to think about it. I was watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee when Alec Baldwin was a guest and at one point I burst out laughing. One second I was watching, listening, and smiling and the next I was laughing out loud.

Hit the Road for BBQ

As I wrote in previous blog, I got a good deal on a rental car so this morning I went to pick it up. I had reserved a compact car but yet again I was upgraded to a much bigger car. This time I was was upgraded to a Chrysler 300.

Heisenberg 300

Took me forever to find the USB port to be able to use Android Auto! Once I got that going, I hit the Road. The missus had other plans so I went solo. Just me and an audiobook.

I let some friends from Austin, TX know I was going to be in Lockhart, TX and they were able to lunch with me. That was a great treat. I hadn’t seen Tony and Stephanie in six years! We text often though. Great food and friends. I should’ve took a Pic of us. Instead, here’s a Pic of our food.

After lunch I made the 4 hour drive back home. Yup, 8 hour road trip for lunch. Not my first, nor my last.

Renting Cars

This is not an ad or sponsored post I promise. I am just a big fan of You simply enter your city or nearest airport and it will do a search for cheap cars. You can can also tell it what kind of memberships you have so it can try to use them for discounts. I’ve been using the site for over two years and am very happy with it.

You can Google other methods to find cheaper rates but this has been the best method for me. Picking up a car tomorrow for 26$. Give it a try.

Couch to Couch

I have been using an app called Couch To 5k to jog. It coaches you for several weeks. The gist is that it can help you get off the couch and be able jog a 5k marathon. I have only ever completed the entire training once, and then never jogged again.

You can see in this screenshot how many times I attempted to do the entire training and the gap from when I actually completed to when I tried again and again. How terrible!

Welp, if you look at it, you can see that I started again. I completed one week today.

Got to keep going!

2019 Books and 2020 Hopes

I love audiobooks. Here are all the books I either read or listened to in 2019. I didn’t hit my goal of 25 books. Most of my favorite authors release books in the fall so the rest of the year I’m out there looking for good books. I mainly listen while commuting and that is a short trip!

Click for full list

I get the most listens while doing some kind of labor. Mainly woodwork. Towards the end of the year is when I started woodwork again so I went through a few books quickly.

This year my favorite book is either The Dry by Jane Harper or Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman. One is a murder mystery and the other… I can’t describe the other. Drama maybe? Psychological? Either way, highly recommend them. No spoilers!

Hopefully this year I can read up to 20 books. Hopefully this year I can blog more. Hopefully this year I can jog more. Hopefully this year I can read the Bible more. Hopefully.

Couldn’t Do It

I can’t believe I could not do a blog a day in January. I started off pretty good but then as days went on it became harder and harder.

Looking back at the month I can think of many things I could have blogged about. Mystery shopping, movies, books, TV shows, cooking, eating, work, etc etc.

I am hoping to keep on Blogging.

Weekend Coming Up

I, like every one else who works during week can never wait patiently for Friday. Even when nothing exciting is planned we just want it to get here. We just don’t want to work!

I have to find a way to make money while I sleep so I don’t have to work lol. People do make money blogging. That’s why you see banner ads on this site but I don’t generate enough traffic/visitors to make money. Maybe if I keep blogging. But usually money making blogs focus on one topic. I am all over the place.

Maybe one day the missus and I can downsize our living so I don’t need to work everyday. Part time? That would be great. We really want an RV to travel but who’s to say we don’t live in that permanently! That would be so cool but scary.

I’m open to ideas!

Movie Investment

No, I’m not funding the next blockbuster. I’m talking mostly about time. Today, went to go see the movie Glass. I am a big fan of M. Night Shyamalan movies so I was looking forward to checking it out.

Spoiler alerts. Glass is supposed to be the third installment of a trilogy. Part one was Unbreakable and two was Split. Both those movies, on their own were outstanding.

Glass, was terrible. I really wanted to walk out but we were too invested. It was about 45 minutes in when I realized it wasn’t getting better. I didn’t even care that the dude in front me was checking his phone periodically. I just wanted the movie to end.

Spoiler alert. Night must be trying to create his own comic universe much like Marvel and DC. He brings in this mysterious organization that is out to play down hero powers. It is not very well done. It’s kinda boring and not very believable.

Without saying more all I can say is that it was not a good movie. I can’t recommend it.