Blog · January 3, 2021 0

My Favorite Book of 2020?

I thought Law of Innocence by Michael Connelly was going to be my favorite. I always look forward to his books. I miss the main characters and think of them often. There is also an Amazon Prime show based on one of them. Bosch. I highly recommend his books and the show, but read the books first!

The book I think was my favorite book of the year is The River by Peter Heller. I won’t write a review or talk about what it was about. Instead, I’ll say that I was reading this book slowly. Not on purpose at first, but because I prefer Audiobooks. I was only reading the book while cooking outside. As I read it I began to visualize being there with the characters in the book.

Around the time when I started reading the book is when the pandemic hit us here in Texas so escaping real life became a necessity. So every time I read it, I was there. On The River.