Fear of Flying

I am not ashamed to say that I am terribly afraid of flying. Even though I worked at an airport for around 2 years, watching planes land all the time, I am still terrified. I really wish I was not so afraid. Especially after watching videos like this:

Cockpit View of Landing in Los Angeles, California

Now, That’s A Ladder!

More then meets the eye!

When I bought my home, John Lightner came out to do a home inspection and he broke out one of these ladders. First thing I said was, “Now, that’s a ladder!” He laughed and said he hears that a lot. Well, four years later, and Forty Dollars cheaper because of clearance I got me one. I figure I will be needing one for my freelance work. So enjoy the pics!

This is my favorite part! Two little ladders!

Thirteen Feet!!

Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

No, not that kind of pimping!

As I said yesterday, I will be doing freelance Technical Support now so I went out to local businesses offering my services. I was nervous at first but after the first few offices it started to be fun. Everyone I spoke to was very nice. A few offices already had someone but they still took my card. What I heard the most was, “oh, we have someone from corporate”. When my business picks up I shall be naming it digiSal: Corporate, or something like that.

Some offices were happy I stopped by since they did not have anyone so that was a blessing. There was one place I really did not want to go in but then I thought “what if they turn out to give me the most business.” Any guesses as to what place that was? It’s on Stuart Place Rd.

At first, I did not know what to say when I got to an office but by the end I was saying “I wanted to stop by and offer Technical Support for your computers. I have a home office in Palm Valley so I would be close by.” If I got past the receptionist I would elaborate more to the office manager about my experience and even offer up my limited web site creation skills. Of course, the Palm Valley line was only for offices in my ‘hood.

What would you have said? lol

Know When To Fold’Em

Back in June of this year, I took a chance and started a job that was almost totally out of my range of expertise. As most of you know, I am a computer guy and for five years I took care of the network at Valley Diagnostic Clinic, so I was a tad burnt out and I was eager to try something new so I took a job at a dental office in Port Isabel. The job was mainly book keeping and other duties that could be qualified as an Administrative Assistant.

The best way I can describe how I felt towards the end is by saying it was too much for my brain. Too many numbers and too much stuff to keep organized. I also felt like I was bound to mess something up pretty bad, so I forfeited. Not right of way though.

A few weeks prior, I spoke to my boss about it and through that talk we developed a system that could potentially help me out but in the long run I thought it would help out who ever would take my place.

So what am I going to do now? Well, instead of trying to land another Full Time gig I am going to do freelance technical support. I took Monday off, so today is my first day. lol After I press publish, I am going to talk to some offices about my services.

Please pray for me and contact me if your office, or know of an office, that needs my help.

Big Johns BBQ Is For Sale

One of my top BBQ joints has to be Big Johns BBQ in Harlingen. My personal favorite thing to eat there is the Sliced Brisket and Sausage Sandwich. It is the sandwich to which all other BBQ joints are compared to. Except for that rare occasion when the sandwich is not good, it always has the right amount of grease and fat! Whenever I go to a new BBQ place, that is almost always the first thing I order and no other place has been as good. Pretty close but not as good.

Does that make Big Johns my favorite? I think so.

But now it is for sale! I literally lost sleep the other night as I tossed and turned thinking how GREAT it would be to buy it! I don’t know much about starting a business, much less a restaurant business, but it has always seemed like it is hard to open a new restaurant that lasts in Harlingen. So maybe it would be easier to take over one that has been around for a long time. The trick would be not to mess up a good thing!

As I tossed and turned, I thought about how cool (and hard) it would be to keep the food the same but eventually change it but have a “Big Johns Classic” still on the menu. The “Classic” would have all the BBQ flavors, grease, and fat that made Big Johns last all this time.

Of course, what is a BBQ Joint without Mac n Cheese and Corn Bread?? So those would go on the menu right of way!

I think if I can lure people to go with me to get a burger 30 minutes away at Wallbangers, I can lure people to have some BBQ at a restaurant I owned.

Mello Yello

Just call me Mello Yello!

I am now the new owner of a new used 2005 Colorado Z71 that happens to be Yellow! I got her two weeks ago from today and finally got the dealership to give it a good wash (on a rainy day), so I took some pics of her.
I had a pretty bad experience with Ed Payne Volkswagen out of Brownsville, TX and even though I would get 100 dollars for a referral I would not recommend them to anyone. Yes, I got bad credit and I did have a hard time getting a car loan BUT Ed Payne was not the only dealership willing to work with me, but they were the only ones with a truck I liked.
My friend Rob says to never talk numbers with friends about a car you purchase so I will just say that they were selling this truck a little high for what it is but I was also just wanting to get into a truck really bad so I over looked it after getting shot down by them at the low ball figure I gave them. In the end, they sold it to me for 1000 dollars more then what I had offered but supposedly it was because the bank was taking a chance with me.
On test drive, what I really did not like was the interior. It is a gray color, when I like dark colors. My first Colorado was a Dark Gray so I liked that. Secondly, the interior was dirty and had not been cleaned by the dealership. When the deal was done the salesman said he would pick up the truck the following Monday to have it washed. Did he do it? NO!
What he did do, was harass me at work (Adri can attest to that) about calling some 1-800 number for a new customer interview or something. I thought this was to evaluate the salesman so I waited a day to do it. Turns out it was to verify information on me and on the truck. Turns out the bank thought the truck had leather, sun roof, and power seats.
So when I called the following Monday to see about getting the truck detailed all I got was a call back the following day to come in to sign some more papers. Man, I was a little angry. On my way home, I called the sales manager and let him have it about not getting my car cleaned, no full gas tank and just about being disappointed about it all. He apologized a lot, promised to clean it, fill up the gas tank, but I still had to come in to sign more papers.
Well, when I finally went in today to sign the papers it turns out they wanted me to give an additional 1000 dollars because of the mistake THEY did when they submitted the wrong information to the bank. PFFFFFT
I was ready to leave the truck there and walk home when they finally said they would eat the 1000 dollars. So guess what? My payment went down about 30 bucks. That’s about 1400 dollars off the truck loan.
They washed the truck, and removed some of the stains in the upholstery but will have to take it in somewhere to have it done right.
Here are a few more pictures:

Two Week Notice

This is my Two Week Notice letting everyone know that as of tomorrow, I shall have two weeks at the new job. 🙂

Sorry for the late notice.

Above is the pic of the cake my VDC friends, and acquaintances, secretly had made for me. Christi even sneakily had me email her the drawing of Elvis that her own brother drew so she could put it on the cake! Very Very Sneaky.

The day before they had also done something sneaky. SEE HERE

I really miss the people at VDC but I am really enjoying my new job at Port Isabel Dental Associates.

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