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Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

No, not that kind of pimping!

As I said yesterday, I will be doing freelance Technical Support now so I went out to local businesses offering my services. I was nervous at first but after the first few offices it started to be fun. Everyone I spoke to was very nice. A few offices already had someone but they still took my card. What I heard the most was, “oh, we have someone from corporate”. When my business picks up I shall be naming it digiSal: Corporate, or something like that.

Some offices were happy I stopped by since they did not have anyone so that was a blessing. There was one place I really did not want to go in but then I thought “what if they turn out to give me the most business.” Any guesses as to what place that was? It’s on Stuart Place Rd.

At first, I did not know what to say when I got to an office but by the end I was saying “I wanted to stop by and offer Technical Support for your computers. I have a home office in Palm Valley so I would be close by.” If I got past the receptionist I would elaborate more to the office manager about my experience and even offer up my limited web site creation skills. Of course, the Palm Valley line was only for offices in my ‘hood.

What would you have said? lol