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Christmas is Over

So goes another Christmas. I am grateful for the gifts I got but man do I miss getting toys for Christmas. I remember those nights trying to go to bed super early so that I can wake up even earlier to open gifts. Those were the days. One night sticks in my head for some reason. My brother and I had an old Black and White TV in our room and I was so trying to sleep but he kept watching TV so I couldnt get to sleep. That sucked.

I also miss going outside to show off the gifts I got, whether they be big or small. Going out to play with cars or with a new bike. I get flashbacks when I leave the house on Christmas day and I see kids playing outside or riding shiny new bikes. You know what they got for Christmas.

The most toy like gift I got this year was a Telephone in the shape of a Corvette from Rob’s girlfriend Christy. Last year I got some Hotwheels so that was cool
I miss being a kid.