New Additon

What you are looking at here is the newest addition to my Game Room. It’s a Sony Playstation 1 Kiosk that you would find at such places like Target or Wal-mart. Rob picked it up for 10 dollars a few years back at a flea market and has asked me to host here at my place since I got a few games going on here.

This thing has good sound too. It’s even got a subwoofer! It’s pretty easy to connect other game consoles but the only handles that are bolted down are the PS1 controllers.

It’s a little dirty but that’s nothing a little Shout can’t fix.


  1. LUCY

    you better not dare get a pac-man machine i will be so mad. I have always wanted a game room and i thought i was the spoiled one around here 🙁

  2. Rob

    So when do you want the Cocktail table top Ms.Pac-Man arcade Jay??

    the PS thing looks good in your room.. I wish I had a game room I have so many things I can fill that room with .. Slot machines,arcades, table top games, pool tables dart boards……man come to think of it I have ALOT of crap!

  3. Rob

    @jay How did you get Ms.Pacman on the playstation? did you hook up your PDA via RCA jacks or something and playing it on the tube.? you probably learned how to burn games already huh?

  4. Sal

    nah man, i got the dreamcast hooked up to it and i had burned you a Super Nintendo Emulator on it with some ROMs and Mrs Pacman is on it. Its a slightly different version but its cool.

    Was playing Killer Instinct with the same disk. Way cool.

    Need to find a way to better mount the consoles on this thing though. So much for the games in the garage. LOL

  5. Rosebud

    @Sal..Wow,just got thru reading you and robs comments back and forth and I guess only ya’ll computer freaks would know what ya’ll are talking about cuz you lost me completely with all that game and computer lingo 🙂

    Nice game room though! Can Lucy bring a friend to your game night at your house or is it by invitation only?…LOL

  6. Rob

    @rosebud .. that was funny .. I too re-read them and I can see how none computer geeks would get mixed up talking about “Roms,Emulators, PS stands for Playstation.

    Via is I dont know what .. but its like example : “Jay sent me a letter, via email” ………… did that sound gay??

  7. Rosebud

    @Rob..LOL..Nah,didnt sound gay but yeah,i knew what via meant,meaning “by” or “thru” phone,computer,etc,but everything else just sounds too darn complicated.

    I guess it would come in handy if u wanted to use those words to throw everyone else off and exclude us from conversation…LOL!

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