Get Out of Debt Free Card

Sometimes I think about selling the Corvette.

I think from the money I’d make from selling it I could use to pay off my furniture and my Care Credit card. I’d miss it so much though. I would miss saying yes , I still have it when people ask me, and I sure do get asked that a lot. Even people I don’t know always ask if I am the guy with the Corvette. I would hate to be that guy that used to have a Corvette and the guy who says I’ll get me another someday.

When I first started looking for this house I thought I would have to sell the Corvette to make a down payment but I got into this house with only spending a few hundred dollars. So now, I say I will sell the Corvette when I start a family, but that isn’t going anywhere. Due to no ones fault but my own but that is another blog for another day.

I also used to say that I would sell this Corvette only if I knew I was getting another. And that other Corvette had to be a 1996 Sebring Silver Collectors Edition, 6 Speed, Black on Black Convertible.

Up until the Sixth Generation Corvettes came out, the Fourth Generations were my favorites and that 1996 is the last year of the Fourth Generation. BUT, I’m getting sidetracked. Like the preacher says, that was for free.

Sometimes I think about selling the Corvette but when I get behind the wheel it’s another story. I love it so much. It is so small and feels so personal. I feel like it is just me and the road. It might not run all that great, I might even get out run if I raced something on the road but I don’t care. It has never been about speed for me. It was about what the Corvette stood for and for its curves. Dare I say, sexy curves? Nah, I won’t say that. Although, I once had a girl tell me, you don’t look at me the way you look at that Corvette. She was talking about a white 1992 Corvette in McAllen,TX. I forget that girls name.

And you know, I have never met a person who doesn’t like Corvettes.

I had not driven my Corvette in a long time so yesterday I tried to get her started since the battery was dead but the battery was to dead. So this evening I borrowed a battery charger from Rob and after a few tries and an hour later I got her up and running. Took her for a spin and remembered why I hadn’t driven her. I got a low oil pressure light coming on. Juan suggested I Google it and some people are saying it is just a sensor that is bad but I’m worried I’ll do some real damage. The low light comes on only when I am idling.

Anyway, below is a bad video of the Corvette on after months of being dormant and below that some pictures before the headlights got stuck up like its owner.


  1. Adriana Sujey

    It is a very nice car. You’ve made it this far without selling it! It looks nice parked in ur parking space! Coolest car in the lot. Well, except for my Taurus. Hee hee! I like the stuck up part!!

  2. Sal

    i took it to work today. and that is nice to say that its the coolest car out there. Since it sits near Mercedes’s, Lexus’s and a Jag. oh and your Taurus…hehe..

    @the preacher
    The vette is 18 years old and I’ve owned her for half its life.I’ll try not to let you down.

    Also, when I give the Grand Tour of the house I always say the best part is in the garage. 🙂

  3. Rosebud

    @Sal..Awesome car! Dont know bout you but I wouldnt sell it. Especially as long as you’ve had it. For some reason that sentimental value thing always gets me.

  4. Rob

    @jay Minor set back .. you sell that car then Im gonna sell my 91! Oil pump is no big deal if thats what it really is. I’d say 100 parts and Labor.

    @rosebud…….”Sentimental Value” then im screwed.. all my cars are gonna rot with me. lol All of them have a Story to tell.

  5. Rosebud

    @rob…well the rotting part would’nt be good but being able to say you’ve had those cars for yrs and remember the good times i think is what makes keeping them worth it.

    But,then again i dont know how many cars you have so maybe getting rid of a couple may not be a bad idea 🙂

  6. juan

    @ J, yo I got caught in the moment today with my truck, did I just say that my truck, all I can say God is good, anyway came home from lunch popped the hood to take another peek at the engine, tear in my eye, j/k, my wife came out to meet me & asked whats wrong just looking at it, she said she wished I would look at her like that , lol, I do baby. Keep the car bro God will hep you out of whatever you have need of.

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