What’s in a name?

“That which we call a rose /By any other name would smell as sweet.” -Shakespeare

Up until I turned 16 and got my first job everyone called me Jay. Why? Because of my brother the father, I mean The Preacher. Growing up he did not want to call me by my full name or by Junior or J.R. so he simply stuck with Jay and the whole family caught on. So everyone I ever met called me Jay.

When I got my first job when I turned 16 at White Cleaners I told them to refer to me as Jay. After awhile I didn’t like it but that job was only temporary, although I didn’t know it at the time. Any job after that I had them call me Sal.

Family and childhood friends still referred to me as Jay but slowly but surely even they started to call me Sal. For a long long time the only friend that still called me Jay was Rob. But even now in the comments, his blog, and in twitter he is referring to me as Sal. That is very weird.

When it came to my name things got a little comical at church. It was my brother who told me about Grace Baptist Church in Harlingen so when he told his BEST friend Juan and his family that I was coming he referred to me as Jay. So when I got there I introduced myself as Sal but when Juan and DeeDee showed up they kept referring to me as Jay so then the whole church started calling me Jay. Then it got worse. People started calling me Jeff and Jake and Dale at one time. I finally started telling people I prefer Sal so that started a big confusion with everyone but it was funny and people got a kick out of it. Finally, I just started telling people to call me Sal during the week and Jay on the weekends.

Juan can’t seem to decide who I am either. He refers to me as Jay or Sal and sometimes just J.

So, to recap. If I hear any of these names called I usually turn:
Jay, Sal, Jeff, Jake, Dale. Oh and I almost forgot about the time Juan and I went to Central Baptist Church for revival and Juan introduced me to everyone as Big Johns Little Brother or B.J.L.B. for short. My Preacher’s son called me Eeyore because I once said that “noone loves me”, Preacher once called me Sal Gates because of the whole computer thing and his wife called me Peter Parker for my geekiness.

I am sure I missed a few but I have rambled on long enough.


  1. Mexico Senora

    Law, Sal, your preacher’s family sounds horrible. Calling you names? What kinda people are they? And Dee Dee, let him talk. I feel like I’m finally learning something about him. I think you should call him meatloaf. Next time we all get together let’s do that, okay?

  2. Sal

    What is Law? And hey, the preachers family is your family to so I wonder where they learnt it from! 😛

    I guess i was excluding online identities. Mav- was always my fav but mav-.com was already taken. hehe..

    After I submitted this post I also remembered that a handful of people call me digiSal. I actually think that is pretty cool. My friend Mindy from Southwest Airlines actually used to sing the name. Silly woman!

  3. Adriana Sujey

    Boy, I have had a good time bloggig today!
    My favorite name of yours is “Sal Gates.” That’s pretty cool. I’m gonna test you by calling you one of those names. My little brother could not say Adriana when he was small so he would call me Ana. So everyone in my family went from calling me Sujey to Ana. Most of my family and some friends in Raymondville still call me Ana, but just about everyone else knows me as Adriana or Adri. Call me what ever you want but don’t call me late for lunch!! (I stole this phrase from a brother “Yogi” at church) Does anyone use their real names now-a-days? Oops, have I rambled off?

  4. Mexico Senora

    Dale still calls you, Salvatore, Juan’s little brother. Funny, huh? Cause he means Juan de Leon. And he must think you’re Italian, cause he doesn’t say Salvador; he says Salvatore. I wonder; can you sing like Dean Martin? Frank? no? Then Sal Gates it is. Don’t hurt your fingers.

  5. Rob

    I hate calling you SAL … Its like Im being FAKE !!!! And the only reason why I call you That is because I know alot of your co-workers check out your site and read the comments. And I do it .. so that way they dont ask you ” Who’s Jay ” … or ” why do they call you Jay ” . I dont like saying SAL . even though they are both 3 letter names. I’d rather say ” JAY ” ! or ” J ”

    what blows is that I just commented on your ” Nailed Tire ” .. and I said ” SaL ” . And then I click on this one .. and see where you said it feels weird when I say ” Sal ” .

    Laters Jay !

  6. Rob

    P.s. At least you dont call you ..
    Cindy , Debbie , Johnny , David , Freddy , Pancho <-- " Low Blow " !! , Arturo . And those are just the names my dad calls me . I dont even correct him anymore.. I just say ” Yes Dad ? ” At the shop .. the call me ” Richie Rich .. or Ritchie , Flamingo , Robbie ? Its amazing I still remember my real name. !

  7. Sal


    when i read your comment on the tire i was wondering if you were doing that on purpose or you hadnt read it.

    and u got more names then me man!

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