1. LUCY

    It’s called Tb also and it’s to check if you have tuberculosis. It’s a disease that infects your lungs usually. Dock Holiday had it in Tombstone he would cough out blood, member?

  2. Anonymous

    The tuberculosis skin test (also known as the tuberculin or PPD test) Sal wrote it right it is PPD skin test cpt code 86580.

  3. Rob

    Dude you look like a Druggee with Track Marks.

    That girl, “tiene la mana pesada!” shes got a heavy hand.. if you got marked like that, Or you moved or something.

    Plz dont tell her I said that I just may need another shot for something in the near future, you know me, im always cutting my self.

  4. Rob

    Oh the string in the last pic! Thats no string thats something coming out of Jays Arm.!!

    The “T-1 Virus” hes Mutating already!

  5. Jean Kincaid

    Yikes, Sal, I guess they didn’t want to tell you right away, but it looks like a positive. Yep, that TB test blowing stuff up like that right after a shot means you’re gonna be coughing up stuff like Doc Holliday. Poor baby. roflol. Evil, evil laugh.

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