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I only work on the computers at work? Pfft. As if.

We have this machine we call the Embosser. Datacard 280 to be precise. It prints out credit card type things we give to the patients that come to our clinic. For awhile it was giving us problems and it finally went off line. We figured out what part we needed and had it ordered. Having someone come down here to fix it is really really expensive so I decided to give it a shot.

Here are some pics:

I guess I should of took a pic of it still together. Oh well, here it is with the hood opened. Also worth noting, I didn’t have the right size L wrench for this thing but the CEO brought me his set from home. TEAMWORK!

Below, I left in color the area I was working on. You can see in this pic the belt is not sitting right. There was some play in the shaft. Had to take it apart again and insert a flair type thing I had left out. Oops.

Below, is what I thought was the finished product. The belt is nice and snug but there is a difference in the two pictures. First one to guess right wins dessert.

I just wanted to illustrate and talk about how I never thought that when I got this job, as a Tech at first and then the Director of IT as I am now, that I would be doing so many things noncomputer related. So when people ask me what I do here I always say I do a little of everything that has to do with digital or technical things. Whether it be the PBX system (telephone for the lamen folk), Televisions, or installing security cameras. All in a days work.

Many, Many things I did not learn in college. It’s every man for himself out here in the real world!


  1. LUCY

    okay i noticed two things but im gonna go with my first gut feeling. there is a cap on the left missing 🙂 i hope i win so i can make fun of your desserts for a change. wait are you baking or buying???

  2. Rob

    @ Lucy .. Good Job !! Dessert time for Lucy. yeah its missing a Washer. Come on Jay that looks like a simple fix and you missed not putting a washer back!

    I bet you probably took the rest of the day off since you saved the company alot of money .. I know you!

  3. Rob

    ok .. I tried to answer fast even though Lucy won .. but after I realized you can enlarge the pick .. Duh !! It kinda looks like you put the pulley upside down reason why it looks like its missing a washer on the left side on the bottom pic.

  4. Sal

    @diana awe, you didnt see where i wrote that on the second pic the belt was nice and snug. Sorry, no winner.

    @lucy maybe you should have gone with your second gut check!! Very close, but no cigar!!! 🙁

    and @rob good job man!!

    The shaft with the “pully” was installed a few days ago so when i had to take it a part again i didn’t pay any attention to how it was. all i did was look at another shaft in the back that had it on the way i put it back. But i guess that other one turns the other way.

    If you go back and look at the first pic you see two rolls of ribbons on top. When the pulley is on correctly it will wind them up tight, but since it was backwards it wouldn’t wind them…

    In the past when i have taken apart things at work i take a pic with my phone and refer back. I should have done that this time, but i didn’t think there was going to be a problem.

    good job rob..

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