The Kid Within

I don’t know about most people but there are certain things that make me feel like a kid again. Today I had one those moments where I felt like a wittle kid.

It was this morning when I saw a bright red Fire Truck parked outside my work. It is the time of year when the firemen get their physicals at the clinic where I work so I’ll be seeing a lot of them for awhile.

It was just so cool to see it parked with cones all around it. I walked up to it slowly to take it all in; all the shiny chrome parts on its fire-engine red body shining at me as if to say look at me. The best part was that the windows were all down. I have never been inside one before so I tippy toed up to see inside. Right then is when I felt like a little kid. It was just so cool. I looked around in there real quick while being afraid someone would catch me. It was fun.

Before anyone could see me I snapped the picture you see here.


  1. Rob

    God Bless All firefighters. They save lives, they work out and stay fit and are a major icon for little kids. Now cops on the other hand……. Blah I plea the 5th.

  2. LUCY

    I love those moments, nothing in the world like them. Made me go back to always getting my hand held by my parents in stores so I wouldnt get lost, now it seems as if I hold theres, so they won’t fall. How amazing is that? To think one day it would be the other way.

  3. Laura

    every year in elementary school our school would have something special for us and they always had firefighters come.they would let us kids one at a time go inside the fire truck and let us blow the horn. They gave us free stuff too!

  4. Adriana Sujey

    I can imagine how you felt, it just feels so nice when you think about being “wittle” again. As I sit here, I have a smile on my face because I am thinking of the little things that I used to do as a child 😀

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