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The Kid Within

I don’t know about most people but there are certain things that make me feel like a kid again. Today I had one those moments where I felt like a wittle kid.

It was this morning when I saw a bright red Fire Truck parked outside my work. It is the time of year when the firemen get their physicals at the clinic where I work so I’ll be seeing a lot of them for awhile.

It was just so cool to see it parked with cones all around it. I walked up to it slowly to take it all in; all the shiny chrome parts on its fire-engine red body shining at me as if to say look at me. The best part was that the windows were all down. I have never been inside one before so I tippy toed up to see inside. Right then is when I felt like a little kid. It was just so cool. I looked around in there real quick while being afraid someone would catch me. It was fun.

Before anyone could see me I snapped the picture you see here.