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Mom’s Pending Surgery

Well, after waiting many many hours for my moms Heart Cath to be performed we got the results. It turns out that she has four arteries that are not doing so well. The doctor could have used balloons to fix them but he said that that would not be the best thing to do. That the long term risk of a heart complication using splints and balloons is greater then the short term risk of performing heart surgery. Tear jerking, heart wrenching stuff.

When the heart cath was done my mom asked us if it was done and we said yes and there was so much relief in her eyes and face but I had to tell her that there was still more to do. She was kind of shocked at first but I think what bothered her the most was that she wasn’t going home that night. After the drugs wore off, we told her again what needed to be done.

Her heart is in good condition and she hasn’t had a stroke or attack so the doctor wants to prevent that by having the quadruple heart bypass instead of fixing the arteries with balloons and stints. God, please be with her.

I haven’t blogged my testimony yet but if I ever do you will learn that I don’t believe in coincidences to much and I just want to thank God for having one of the doctors that I work for do the heart cath on her. Ever since I started working at VDC Dr. Mild and I got along pretty well. He is a geek as well. So talking to him and getting him to explain things was very easy and knowing some of his medical past eased the nervousness in all of us. I also want to thank God for Ben. I am not to sure what his position is called but he played a big roll in the procedure today and knowing his skills from friends put me at ease knowing he was in good hands. We have hung out, had dinner, and few drinks in the past. Cool cat.

Tomorrow we will find out more about the open heart surgery.