Blazin’ Like A Mother

Just a few pics DeeDee took while I was cruising around on Dales dirtbike and Lauras bike. This was the same day as Mike doing the skateboard thing in the other post. There is Video of us on the bikes but we haven’t seen it yet so I can rip it and post it.




  1. Rob

    That was funny . . Grease 2 is a good movie cause of the bikes.

    Hey man …… takes talent to do a wheelie on a bicyle . Its easier to do it on a dirt bike. So do another vid with you doing one on a dirt bike ……….. Then show us the bruises and dirt rash .. its all part of it .. Get up and try it again . .. and again … and again .

  2. Sal


    thats funny rob because when Dale asked me if I had ever ridden one before I told him that i did and that i crashed. and he said, thats the way you learn and he let me take off on it.

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