Pop Shove It

Here is a quick vid of Juan’s boy practicing a trick on his board. A quick vid that took forever to put together! Still learning the software. At the end it goes black for awhile. Don’t know why.


also available on YouTube:


  1. Mexico Senora

    How do I respond to the Twitter stuff or do I not? Is there not an IM on your site somewhere? Cause I can see that you nuts most likely left church and went to Wallbangers tonight and Dale and I were already in Edinburg and could have met you there. One simple phone call. You non-invitor, YOU!

    BTW, Mikey, you look great.

  2. Sal

    hehe.. the only way to respond to twitter is to sign up at twitter!

    and i was the only one that went to wallbangers. your familia and juans went to DQ i believe. 🙂

  3. Mexico Senora

    I DID sign up as Mexico Senora but I can’t remember my password. It says its already taken. You see, thats what happens when you get old. Your memory just “ain’t” what it used to be.

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