The Boxer

I have never been much of a dog person. Every time I go over to Rob’s parents house I always end up saying that I will never go over there again because of all the animals; a Great Dane, a Pit Bull and a Rat Terrier. The same goes for Rob’s house. Although, at his house he is good at locking them up when I go over, except for the one time one bit me. Man, I wanted to hurt that dog. I just left the house instead.

Although I am not a dog person, lots of these dogs tend to be drawn to me. Rob always says he wishes his dogs would be all over him as they are with me when I go over. Maybe because I am a new person or maybe they just like me.

I did have a cat once, but she got attacked by something and later died. Maybe she would have lived if I had taken her to the vet. So, I always felt that was my fault and I never wanted to get another pet.

Recently, a good friend at work, we’ll call her Mrs. Presley, offered to sell me a baby boxer on the cheap. I am very hesitant because I don’t know if I will be able to take care of him properly. Mrs. Presley assures me that it is very simple. I also get very disgusted with dog poop.

I think it would be good to have a dog to look over the house when I am out or in the middle of the night. Maybe I would not have been so reluctant to check if someone was outside my house the time the doorbell went crazy. It would also be a good reason to be outside and go walking.

I am just very nervous about it. Also, this puppy was in a little accident so he can’t walk on one of his hind legs. To me that is just another thing that I have to be sure and take care of. Actually, Mrs. Presley told me that the vet will tell her in a few weeks if he will be able to live with that leg like that. Otherwise, the vet is going to suggest putting him to sleep. Hopefully not.

Rob has already said that I would be a bad dog owner.

Could I really call myself a dog lover?


  1. Rob

    Dont get me Wrong Jay … Boxer are Great Dogs .. , but they are very Hyper and always jumping on you etc. If you really want to know how a boxer is .. Go visit my sister Cindy .. she just got a Boxer .. she is probably already a few months old .. and boy is she Full of energy .. I was sitting on the Couch and I was’nt looking and she jump right on my Junk .. Man that was a WAke up Call !

    they are Good Guard dogs .. ! But remember .. Once you take that dog he or she is your till they pass over . !! Taking them to the Vet .. there shots .. yearly shots too. you cant just get tired of them and give them away .. atleast I know 1 or 2 people that do that .. but that is Wrong .. I love my dogs. !!

    they dont go out with there friends or do anything .. They only have YOU !!! ” The owner ” !

  2. juan

    I don’t like pets they smell,& poop all over. I shoot cats. hehe. Neighbor feeds strays and they come to poop & pee on my yard. My drive way is sand so it is a giant litter box. cats under my house full of fleas yuk.

  3. Rob

    @ Juan .. those are Cats !! I hate Cats.. they have a personality .. its like you have to make them like you .. Dogs are different .

    I’ll take 5 dogs over 1 Cat anyday .. Plus Cat Piss REAKS !! That is a Stench that Stinks !

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