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My Side Of The Story

An accident seen by the eyes of bloggers. Juan’s eye witness account is HERE.

So this morning when I left for church, I took the vette out because it had more gas then the SS. I didn’t even bother to Google the weather forecast for they day. Church was really good and then afterwards we went to go eat at Jason’s Deli, even though I had a pound of ground beef defrosting in my fridge I went to go fellowship with the church members.

As we are eating, it starts to rain a little. I’ll have you know that ever since I have had two cars I have never driven the vette in the rain, mainly because I never replaced the wipers, but that is another blog for another day. When we leave the rain is just about done with, or so we thought.

As I get on the highway to head home Juan is quite aways behind me and I notice traffic is piled up on the other side of the highway heading southbound. Because of the concrete median all I see is the roof of a silver mustang with its hood bent all the way up and facing on coming traffic. Hope the driver is ok, but it’s another ugly mustang off the streets! I am driving pretty fast to try and beat the rain. I didn’t beat it because it started to come down hard. Then I feel that there is a lot of standing rain water on the fast lane under me. At this time, I look in my rear view and I see a cop with his lights on. I thought to myself that he was going to pull me over for speeding but the rain had other plans for him. He lost it.

The cop car must’ve hydroplaned on the rain water and when he tried to fix it the car went spinning. It was the kind of thing I see on Youtube all the time; all happening in my mirror. He nailed the concrete median a couple three times before coming to a stop. Miraculously, the car did not spin on to the other cars on the highway, and there was plenty of them.

I then start to worry about Juan and his family since I knew they were behind me somewhere. I figured I’d call DeeDee since she is not driving but I get voice mail. I try again, but she ends up calling me. The conversation went a little like this; “Are you ok?”.. “Are you ok?”.. “Are YOU ok?”.

What away to end lunch!