Comfortness Over Fashion Sense

Yes, I wear corduroy pants in the summer. Why? Because they are comfortable. It’s like wearing jeans, only not. In fact, they are more comfortable then jeans. I only own two pairs of jeans!

I have always known about the fashion police but I had never been a victim of their brutality. That is until I started wearing my corduroys year round. Can’t we all just get along…. and wear what is comfortable, no matter what season it is.

The fashion police, or F.P., is usually made up of women and at my place of employment and there is no shortness of deputies.

So I say to you, Missuses F.P., take a walk on this side. On the comfortable side!!


  1. Rob

    I’d say ” F#@k those peopel ” ! Wear what you want to wear. Its like that shit for bitch’s who are not suppose to wear white shoes after labor day or what ever holiday it was .. and some Famous ” whore ” wore white shoes after the so called fact of not wearing them after that holiday and that little Myth went away . Although there are some bitch’s that still think thats true. Cough Cough .. I wont say whom.

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