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The Corvette Rides Again

As I stated before, 2007 was supposed to be the year of the Corvette. I had some set backs but she is running again. Rob took it to his mechanic friend and he gave me a good deal on repairing my spark plug dilemma.

When I got her back I was driving her on a daily basis. The SS was my weekend car for a week or two. People usually ask me how I decide which car to drive and that decision is usually based on the weather. I don’t drive the Corvette in the rain so if there is a possibility of rain she stays home. I am not one of those anal guys who doesn’t like getting his Corvette wet; it just doesn’t have windshield wipers. When it did have wipers they would collide in the middle. Corvette wipers don’t wipe like other cars. They wipe from the inside out. So, to prevent them from colliding, people recommend getting the wiper motor and arms of a 93 and above. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Another thing I have not gotten around to doing is fixing my headlights. Driving around during the day with the headlights up is very embarrassing for me. When I would normally go up to another Corvette driver I now stay behind like a shy kid with a scratch on his face.

Although she still has some issues she is very drivable and I thoroughly enjoy having the option in the morning when I leave for the day.