Wide Garage Shot of the couple

Don’t they look nice and smug in the garage? Usually the Corvette will be closer to the wall when I am not using her but I drove her all weekend so she is in an easy in and out position. There is still plenty of room in the garage no matter how I park them.

The above pic is a Panoramic by the way. Four pictures in one. It is my second attempt at the garage. The first attempt was all screwey. You have to make sure the camera is steady all the way through and it has to be level. I have a tripod but I still managed to hose the first shots. This one came out pretty good. I almost cant tell where the stitches are. I used HP Imaze Zone Plus which came loaded on the new pc. Click pic for HUGE pic.

Looks good I think.


  1. Rob

    Very Cool…….. reminds me of the pics when then use to take at school……everybody is all still on one side ….while everybody is laughing at you from the other side……. “lol” Either way Nice shot of the Chevys. Hey at least you know if this hospital things goes thru the roof you could always get a job with the Photo people……at the school…j/k.

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