Archives · January 22, 2008 2

The Tug

Oh man, the tug.

Man it’s an awesome feeling when you start feeling God tugging at your heart. Preaching at Central Baptist Church during the revival meeting tonight was awesome. The tug brought the lump in my throat, the tears in my eyes, took me to the front and put me on my knees. When I got back to the pew I could barely stand. Had to sit for a few seconds. It’s awesome when God gets personal.

Brother Phil Dunn preached a message that I wished all my lost loved ones and saved loved ones would have heard. He preached on burying your past at the church.

Pretty much speechless about the whole thing.

Looking forward to Brother Tim Rupert preaching at our church tomorrow night (Grace Baptist Church). He preached Revival last year at our church last year and it was great.

Will be praying.