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15 Minute Blog

I had a good serious face blog all worked out in my head but then I got to chatting with @juandeleon1021 and it all fell apart.

Lots of blogging material came about from our brief chat.

Here is a quick rundown of the conversation.

Talked about:

  • food
  • fear of breaking my toilet again
  • the silly things we do at church during the offering
  • Adri’s serious face hand gesture
  • memories of my childhood in church
  • kids are like sponges (my original thought on a blog tonite)
  • George Lopez
  • hearts
  • memories that choke me up
  • a dream I had about a wedding I refuse to go to
  • why I’m still single
  • being needy (not materialistic wise)
  • wearing my heart on my sleeve
  • laughing

It was a good chat and it was all blogworthy.