Sometimes I want to give up on eating lunch because I get so sleepy afterwards that I just want to pass out right then and there. Driving back to work after a meal that makes me sleepy is so hard! I just want to come home, or be dropped off at home so I can snooze it up!

Right now I sort of feel the same way because  I had a pretty good steak at Texas Roadhouse. So after I press Publish Post I might just get under the covers.
Good Night!


  1. Anonymous

    you wuss, lol guess who this is? i’ll give you a hint, I usually never eat lunch or breakfast come to think of it when do i eat?? oh well , hints why i am never sleepy i guess

  2. Rosebud

    i know im very late on this one but couldnt help but comment that it seems like ur stomache
    is always hurting and ur always wanting to sleep. im no doc but wouldnt u think taking some
    vitamins for that fatigue would help and cuttin back on those wallbanger burgers would help
    that stomach prob. u prob have a yr worth of burger backed up in that stomach of urs. try a
    flush maybe (sorry if i grossed anyone out).r u an excercise person or bed person? u know
    what they say the more u sleep the tired u r.

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