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It’s Just A Phase

Growing up we all go through phases. Some more extreme than others. People go through a Gothic phase, a kicker phase, sports, and other such things.

I’ve gone through my fair share of phases. The longest lasting phase was the drinking. I think I started drinking when I was 18 or 19 and that lasted for about 8 or 9 years, off and on, but I’ve quit that, thank God.

Rob always busts my chops about how when he first met me I was smoking cigarettes. That lasted about a week. Gross stuff. Although, I think I have had more cigars than cigarettes but that was way over 10 years ago. I called that my Antonio Banderas phase.

Aside from that most of my other phases are want phases. Those are the phases where I want certain things for a good while and when I don’t get them I go on to want other things.

A few months before I started looking for a house I really wanted a 2005 Harley Davidson V-Rod. Oh man, I love those bikes. Most Harley riders don’t like those bikes because they say it don’t sound like a Harley. I would say it’s a cross breed of a crotch rocket and real Harley. NICE bikes. One day I was doing my business and it occurred to me that I should be looking for a house and not for a death machine. 6 months later I moved in to my home.

Recently, I really wanted a dirt bike. It must have been because I was riding Dale’s dirt bike over at his house / hanger. I almost took Rob’s off his hand but that fell through. Was looking around for a bit that never went anywhere.

A whole year before I got my SS Trailblazer I really wanted one. Rob can testify that I never shut up about it. So happy I got it, but not happy with the payment nor the gas mileage. 🙁

So anyway, I am sure I missed a few wants.

Now I just thank God for everything I got and for everything I don’t.