Month: June 2006


So I had two of my wisdom teeth pulled today. I was getting a bunch of horror stories from the people I work with but it turned out alright. I didn’t feel a thing. The sound of the teeth being removed was very odd. I think they must have given me 6 shots of anesthesia.

When I got home I popped the Codine. “The drugs are quick”. I was dizzy as hell and not thinking right.

I just popped another one and it is kicking in. I am feeling a little nausious though. Maybe it was the Clam Choweder I didnt like, or the ice cream I am eating now. Or the combo of them both.

I am going to stop eathing the ice cream for now.

Man, the words ont he screan are moving. I gave to go.

I saved 9,000 + Dollars.

Man, who would have thought my Kitchen PC was worth this much:

This thing can be bought at Kuppersbusch.

It plays CD, DVDs, TV, and has internet access. It can be flush mounted in the kitchen. It also has a database of Recipes with photos. Hmmm, my Kitchen PC has a database of Recipes also. Its called Google!

I am sure it has its advantages over my Kitchen PC but when it comes down to it mine gets the job done!

In Search of a 63 Lincoln Continental

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the car in which this model car is based on. This is a 63 Lincoln Continental Coupe. I first saw this car in The Matrix. I thought it was so cool that it had rear suicide doors. It’s a freaking cool car. Found one in great condition for 10k but that is way to much for me. So maybe I can find a fixer upper some day. I am keeping my eyes open. Has to be a 63 though. From the pics I have seen on the net it looks to be the slickest.

Practically Finished Picture Frame PC

WOW. It came out great. Rob did a great job fabricating the frame.

I say Practically finished because I dont have access to the USB port right now, which means no Keyboard and Mouse. I want this to be a Picture Frame second and a functioning PC first. This way I can get online, check recipes, or make Skype/Gtalk Calls from the kitchen. It is running wirelessly right now and I Remote into it to make changes.

Later, we might have to add better cooling since as it is now the fan keeps kicking on. It shutdown on me once, but it later came back on. I believe its because of the heat.

I also might get some sort of stand for it to bring it forward so that the power wire isnt so exposed. It is leaning on the wall right now.

It kicks ass.
It gave me something to look at while making spaghetti this afternoon. I mapped My Pictures off my HP PC and setup the screensaver to display those pics. It’s an option under Screensavers.

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Laptop Frame in the Making

So we have all seen those nifty digital picture frames made out of old laptops. I wanted something samilar, but I want it to be a functioning Laptop.

Javier‘s Dell Dimension CPx recently became a paperweight so I tried to get it off of him. After weeks of giving him numbers he would not budge. Mind you, my prices were dropping as the days went by. 🙂

Since he is about to have a baby and because he doesn’t have a digital camera I decided to buy him one.
My plan was to offer a trade for the digicam and if he said no I would still give him the cam. But to my surprise he said yes and we traded. I also bought him lunch for two days.

I completely tore apart the laptop and still nada. I then noticed some corrosion near the power connector and proceeded to further take things apart. I read online about some similar issues with these laptops. It was going into a power loop with the screen not coming on at all. I also noticed some corrosion on the CMOS battery which was hiding under the palm pad. Following directions on the web I let it sit for a few days.
But even then there was still no power. Rob stopped by the house today and after seeing the corrosion by the power connector he was sure he had something to clean it up. He took the mobo and power with him and after a few minutes he called saying he had it up and running. I went over there with the screen and battery and tried to get XP up. I forgot the keyboard so Rob rushed back to my place on his Kawi and even though it took him five minutes to get back he bought dirt as soon as he got near his driveway. Sorry Rob! It’ll buff out.
After fiddling with it we got XP up and running! I broke the news to Javier by calling him and asking for the password. It took a few seconds for it to click that it was up. It was funny. I recorded it but he you can barely hear him.

So hopefully this week it will all come together.