Practically Finished Picture Frame PC

WOW. It came out great. Rob did a great job fabricating the frame.

I say Practically finished because I dont have access to the USB port right now, which means no Keyboard and Mouse. I want this to be a Picture Frame second and a functioning PC first. This way I can get online, check recipes, or make Skype/Gtalk Calls from the kitchen. It is running wirelessly right now and I Remote into it to make changes.

Later, we might have to add better cooling since as it is now the fan keeps kicking on. It shutdown on me once, but it later came back on. I believe its because of the heat.

I also might get some sort of stand for it to bring it forward so that the power wire isnt so exposed. It is leaning on the wall right now.

It kicks ass.
It gave me something to look at while making spaghetti this afternoon. I mapped My Pictures off my HP PC and setup the screensaver to display those pics. It’s an option under Screensavers.

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  1. Rob

    Well just like with any new car that first comes out… never buy the first year because there’s always flaws in them………… Same thing with them PC Picture Frame .. just gonna have to ajust some things, make more holes and maybe install an external fan on the back.

  2. David

    WOW! That came out so cool. NIce job on the frame Rob! Your shut downs could very well be the cooling. Certainly check the event log. I’m putting my money on DeathStar failure though.


  3. Rob

    lol on that deathstar bet dave. Well tell Sal that he should start looking for an extra HD on ebay or somewhere just in case that DeathStar Crashes. Other than that in the words of Sal “Its a Well oiled Machine” I wanna make one for my self now.

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