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FireTruck in a Sink Hole

I took the long way into work so I didn’t drive by this but people know I like to take pics of stuff so my friend Christi text me about a fire truck that sank in a hole. So went on the scene.

On my first attempt to take pics some rent-a-cop in a cop halloween custome told me I couldn’t take pictures. Whatever. I took one pic and walked. I got in the SS and drove around but I didn’t have a shot. I did see that the rent-a-looser had moved so I went back walking and took the second pic you see. I then walked around and some nurses blocked me as I took the last two.

I over heard some other folks talking about how they didn’t let them take pictures either. What a croc! I know when Google started putting cameras on some cars and then had them go out and take street view pictures for Google Maps they got a lot of flack but the law says something about if its viewable to the public eye then its photographable.

Anyway, not a “deep” blog like the one I have brewing but its something.

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