1. Rob

    LOL ! Yeah Baby !

    that was funny …… in the very beginning it sounded like a Video Suicide Diary. Then when I heard it was going into your dirty Hamper … I said ” yep , I knew it ” !

    I put on my head phones to hear the music .. WTH are you listening to? at first I thought it was Nine inch nails , but it sounded old … Im gonna guess ” Frank Sinatra ” Final answer .

    and when you first threw the camera down the first time did you point at it or were you centering yourself ?

  2. The Preacher

    Brother whether you beleive me or not, that Yeah Baby you say came from me, Just like that Joke you say you claim is yours. And why not your bean bag. spare us your dirty underware. cool video

  3. DeeDee

    Hey J, well all I got to say is that you do really cool things with your computer. And also, if you are trying to get rid of your camera, since it looks like you’re trying to break it, you can just give it to me!

  4. Rob

    @ the Preacher ………. you wasted a Guess you should of read all the posts. I had already guessed Frank Sinatra , and it was Wrong .

    But yeah Like Adriana said : Your too bussy yealing ” Yeah baby ” and screaming as your coming down the stairs LOL .. I had my head phones on so I can really hear it and your voice just flooded the music ….just when I thought there was gonna be a major part of the song next.. you said something !

    If I had another guess I would say ” walk the line soundtrack ” with Pheonix singing !

  5. Sal

    you guys are funny. and Rob just because i didnt say you were right didnt mean you were wrong. I just wanted some people to guess but yep it was Frank Sinatra!! LOL…

    and @preacher got the song right! thats even funnier.

    Rob gets the lunch and John gets a small blizzard.

    and @adri, you dont know me at all. Ramon Ayala?? I would be caught dead….

  6. Rob

    YEAH BABY !!! I Won !! Dude you should of called me earlier today … I got out of class @ 12 and did not have to go back .. school was closed starting at 1pm .. so I did’nt have class at 1:25..

    Oh well … Tommorow is gonna be turkey day and probably turkey the day after that so I guess some other time Jay.

    I feel like it should go to The Precher who guessed the Title and the Artist … The Lady is a tramp !! LOL whatcha doing listening to stuff like that .?

  7. Sal

    @rob Dude, i didnt call you because every time i call you for lunch you give me this sond and dance about how you never eat at lunch time, who still eats at noon… yatta yatta yatta…..

    and sorry preacher!

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