Don’t Let It Happen To You

It happens to everyone. Especially to me. Bloggers block.

Bloggers block; the inability to come up with something to blog about it.

A lot of the times a block can last a few days, weeks, months until ultimately you end up with a dead blog. Don’t let it happen to you!

I am not sure if you know this but if you go into the Blogger profiles you can click through various words within a person’s blog. Every now and then I like to click on the city name. I did this for Harlingen and San Benito. And what do I find? Lots of blogs that started off real strong, lots of posts, lots of comments and then all of a sudden its a dead fish in the water.

Don’t let it happen to you!!

If you can’t blog, blog about not being able to blog!

And since everyone blames me for their Blogging addiction I’ll try to be the example. Deal?


  1. Jean Kincaid

    Deal! Ummmm Kim and DeeDee, he’s talking about YOU. Now get on there and post something and then all of you come to and sign my blog so I won’t look like I have no friends. You know, looks are everything. Yeah, right. Lost that battle many years ago. But Sal’s right. I keep going to your blogs and there’s not even a word from you saying, I’ve had a bad day or Jesus is good, or Still alive here in Harlingen. So don’t be a snob–blog.

  2. LUCY

    That was too funny gramma! Gave me my first morning laugh. I have a confession though, I am worst off than Deedee and Kim. I have had writers block since I opened my account. Yup it’s true, but I’m not ashamed to admit it. The only times that I have been able to write something are times like these when I get a good laugh or a tug at the heart. Oh and Sal interesting tactic, blogging about not being able to blog that is too funny.

  3. Jean Kincaid


    Do you want to share your blogger site? If so, I’ll add you to my blogger friends, if not, then we will respect your privacy. And if you ever want someone to critique your writing,(the kind you do in the hopes of publication) well Gramma’s the best. Just ask Rhonda. Sorry, Sal, for using your blog for this, but she hasn’t ever commented on mine.


  4. Sal

    its ok. people always spamming in my comments 😛

    so i should feel priviliged that lucy hasnt commented on anyones but mine huh?

    but if she hasnt blogged anything on her blogger then she has the worse case of bloggers block!

  5. DeeDee

    You hit the nail right on the head Sal. I have nothing to blog about! But I will come up with something really soon because I see my name written on your comments too many times!! (LOL@gramma)

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