14 Scoops

Someone once said that if aliens are looking down at us they are probably thinking that Dogs are the masters and we are the servants. We feed them, we bathe them, and we Scoop Thier Poop!

When I lived in Austin I used to take my bike down by the lake and cruise it and that is when I took this picture. A little ways down the line is a statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn.

I really miss Austin. Only God knows if I will ever go back there to live. I always said I wanted to make my life up there but life is passing me by already!


  1. LUCY

    Looks really nice and peaceful, kinda like the trail here. I don’t think I could leave,ever, I’d miss the rents too much. And if you left we would all miss you so much.

  2. Rob

    Thats why grass is so Green yet they still dont understand its because of the crap and piss that keeps the yard looking so nice. Just ask my parents neighbors .. LOL my dogs crap on there yard and they throw it back to my parents driveway .. haha.

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