Remembering Colorado

Lately, around town, I have been seeing a white Colorado similar to the one I used to have and it looks nice. I like it. I don’t see many Colorados like the one I had. I won’t bore you with the details of the differences.

The Colorado was the first brand new car I ever owned (del ano) and when I first got it I never thought I would want anything else but then days after I got it, I got promoted and I immediately thought that if I would have waited I could have gotten an SS Silverado. Two years later I got the SS Trailblazer.

I loved the Colorado as soon as I got it and until the last time I drove it. But the last time I drove it I had already been driving the SS for a day so it was kind of awkward.

Anyway, I just wanted to write about it. Loved that truck. Maybe one day I’ll get the SS Colorado!

More pics of Colorado HERE.


  1. Rob

    Well Jay .. IM sure you miss your Colorado truck , the gas mileage too .. But your SS is SSweet !! The best thing to do is be proud , you once / had the opportunity to own one of those trucks…………. and also a correction to your ” Del-Ano ” quote………….. According to the book of Mexican Educate…… ” Del-Ano ” could be anything with in a 10 yr gap ! so if its a 98 model and we are in 2007 … then you are rolling in style with a new car ….according to there ways.

    in the words of my Father .. ” Mark my @ss , ” im right !!

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