1. Rob

    your collection of Vettes , and my collection of Camaros .. I think you and I have a pretty big collection of cars . Thank you Mom and Dad for not buying me carritos when I was kid ……. I had to make up for my loss 2 decades later ! and shutup about he decades Jay .. its 2 not 3 . ! hehe

  2. The Preacher

    hey Jay didnt I buy you all those cars, oh wait never mind because if I did I probably wouldve shot them with my BB gun like the Rambo action figure I bought you. Did we bury him along with the Joes?

  3. Memories...

    don’t clean them ~ leave them the way they are.

    they’ll have more meaning as you get older and stories to tell

    my boys would love them

    Aaron can name and spot cool cars from a mile away ~ i guess it’s a boy thing!


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