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Mom’s Heart Cath

My mom had been experience some chest pains and shortness of breath but she had been very hesitant about going to the doctor, like most of the people in my family, including me, but she finally went and her doctor sent her to the hospital to run some tests.

They did some stress tests, ekg’s or emg’s (I’m not hip with the lingo), and sonos of the heart and they concluded that she has some clogged arteries or veins, so tomorrow morning she is going to be getting her Heart Catheterization so they can see and unclog her veins.

At first she didn’t want me to be with her when I took her to the hospital but when she went to the wrong place the first time I decided to stay there until she was settled into her room. She was really nervous, and so was I. When the nurse placed the ID tag around her wrist she said that she hadn’t worn one of those since I was born. So it had been 29 years and 2 days since she was admitted into a hospital. Out of the whole day, the thing she didn’t like the most was being pushed around in the wheelchair. She almost cried, and in turn I almost cried. I think I was able to comfort her a little. She kept wanting to go home though. Kept telling me that she wished she hadn’t gone to the doctor. Like George Lopez would say, “Don’t go. They’ll find something wrong with you.” I think she was only half kidding.

We didn’t find out about the procedure she needed to have until late this evening so upon finding out I drove down to the hospital to get more information about it. It turns out that one of the doctors that I work for is going to be doing the procedure. I am glad that I know who it is and so was my mom when I started telling her about him.

In about 6 hours or so I should be heading down to the hospital to be with her. My dad should be meeting me there as well. I pray that it all goes well.