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Who needs a Stilletto when you have a PPC-6700

So after they stole my stereo from my truck, I didn’t have a way to listen to Sirius. Before I knew that my insurance was going to replace my stereo I was looking at maybe purchasing the up and coming Sirius Stilletto.

The Stilletto is a cool little device. It’s a truely portable satellite reciever. You can take it jogging or whatever. Plus you can buy a car kit or home kit for it. It also has 2gigs of space for MP3s and to record from Sirius, but the RIAA is out to stop that I bet, since they stopped the pre-orders.

The other very slick feature is that is has built-in WiFi. So if for some reason you can’t catch the Sirius reception, and you happen to be somewhere there is free wifi, you can listen to Sirius over the net since its part of your plan.

BUT when you have a PPC-6700 Pocket PC Phone with unlimited internet through Sprint, you’ve installed SiriuCE, and have an FM Transmitter, then you don’t need that Stilletto. Don’t expect great sound though. They minimize the sound quality to be able stream. There is a rumor that they are going to increase the quality of streaming music though, but for a higher price.

So enjoy the pic from inside the Vette. Also, since all sound from the phone was being transmitted it was easier to tell when I had a text message or phone call. Posted by Picasa