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GrandCentral Acquired by Google

The rumors were true. When I got home today and refreshed the GrandCentral Inbox the logo changed to a new From Google logo.

So that can only mean that Google bought Grandcentral. This is great. As I blogged before, I have been using GC for a good month now and I really like it. I can only assume that they are going to incorporate GC calls into Gtalk. As of now, GC works with the Gizmo Project to take calls on a PC, but if you ask me, it does not work that great and it is not very reliable. And if they do use Gtalk instead of Gizmo it is one more program I can uninstall and one more username and password I can do without.

Also, with this new acquisition they switched enrollment to invitation only. Read more at GC’s Blog HERE and from Google’s Blog HERE.

Google; one step closer to ruling the world.